Top Ten Reasons to Buy Toshiba Telephone System

There are dozens and dozens of reasons why customers buy their Toshiba products from AP&D, here are the top ten…

10. MIGRATION – Toshiba’s leadership role in migration and expansion strategy further enhances their commitment to protecting customer investments. Customers have the luxury of keeping much of their original equipment as their business grows. No other manufacturer offers this breed of investment protection and future proofing.

9. CERTIFICATION – Toshiba has strict requirements for Dealer authorisation of their products. Dealers must complete a rigorous certification process in addition to having a strong reputation for integrity in their local marketplace. AP&D is a certified Toshiba Dealer and all our technicians are Toshiba trained and accredited.

8. REMOTE SYSTEM SUPPORT – As standard the Toshiba systems have remote access for dealer support to re program, administer and fault find by simply dialling into the system. AP&D provides remote service *free of charge to all its Toshiba customers. (* some conditions do apply)

7. ONGOING EDUCATION – AP&D’s Toshiba Customers enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that AP&D’s customer service and dealer sales personnel receive ongoing training to keep them up-to-date on the latest products and evolving customer service issues.

6. REMOTE USER APPLICATIONS – Networking for multiple customer locations, remote expansion cabinet capability for distributed configurations, remote VoIP stations, and VoIP trunk gateway access between offices, branches and home or mobile offices. Toshiba offers everything your customer needs and more!

5. VISION AND FUTURE DIRECTION – Toshiba is committed to the evolution of our products to meet the changing needs of our customers. They continue to develop offerings that feature emerging technologies such as IP and Voice/Data Mobility. This means that you are always able to stay abreast of emerging technologies without any redundancy to your initial investment.

4. FLEXIBILITY – Strata CTX and CIX systems work the way that customers need them to work. AP&D offer complete customisation of the Strata CIX systems. The high content of system and station features, as well as a flexible configuration, satisfies a wide range of customer applications. Buttons can be programmed for each user according to job function to provide a totally customised system.

3. QUALITY AND RELIABILITY – Toshiba’s cutting edge features, including digital architecture, memory protection, and quality components, assure customer efficiency, protection, and satisfaction at all times.

2. WARRANTY – Toshiba offers the first and only manufacturer direct 5 Year warranty coverage on Strata CTX and CIX products.

1. NUMBER ONE – Toshiba is committed to quality products and service, ongoing research and development, unsurpassed Dealer support, and total customer satisfaction. When you choose Toshiba, you are choosing a name that you can trust now and for the life of your business.