Seven Ways to Save Money with AP&D Toshiba Telephone Systems

Better Communications

Looking for ways to reduce costs? More business are using Toshiba Business Phone systems supplied by AP&D to manage their communication needs and control costs.

Here are seven ways AP&D & Toshiba phone systems can help you save money on your communications.

1. CALL COSTS– Toshiba Business Phone systems are VoIP & SIP capable so clients can save money by making calls on the internet. To see just how much you can save AP&D can install a VoIP connection for you on a *Free trial basis (*conditions apply )

2. BILL REDUCTION– AP&D & AP&D Express offer a free, no obligation telephone bill analysis. To show you what savings can be achieved contact us or send us a copy of a recent telephone bill for comparison in most cases you will be surprised at the saving you can achieve.

3. EXTENDED WARRANTY– A AP&D supplied new Toshiba telephone system comes with a massive FIVE YEAR manufacturers backed warranty. No need for annual maintenance agreements until year six.

4. COST OF OWNERSHIP– AP&D will re-program, fault find, administer moves and changes on your Toshiba business phone system remotely ** FREE of CHARGE as long as you remain a AP&D customer (** some conditions apply)

5. SYSTEM ACQUISITION– AP&D offer flexible payment options to finance your new Toshiba Business Phone system. From outright purchase, lease, rental and rent to own options are available subject to approval. Lease or renting your new Toshiba allows you to free up capital and monthly payments are tax deductable.

6. CONTROL & MONITOR USAGE– A AP&D supplied Toshiba systems allows you to track your call usage, costs and performance with it’s built in SMDR output (Station Message Detail Recording). TIM4biz advanced software solutions are available to work with your Toshiba telephone call accounting and billing software is the fully-featured, multi-site, multi-user solution that you can access from any internet connected computer at any time without the need to install any special software on your computers.

7. FUTURE PROOFING– Toshiba is committed to the evolution of our products to meet the changing needs of our customers. They continue to develop offerings that feature emerging technologies such as IP and Voice/Data Mobility. This means that you are always able to stay abreast of emerging technologies without any redundancy to your initial investment.