Rent / Hire Phones

AP&D offer Business Telephone Systems
both NEW or Refurbished for Lease or Rent.


From $1.00 Per Day

Funding for the lease or rent of new equipment is provided by Priority Funding Corporation Australia and is subject to their terms and conditions.

Typically those clients who can demonstrate a trading history of two years plus can be offered plans over 2, 3, 4 or 5 year terms. Lease to own residual values vary depending on the term of the lease from 20% to 5%.

New systems rented from Priority Funding Corporation can be offered for sale at the end of the rental agreement for the then “Fair Market Value”

AP&D also offer rental of refurbished equipment direct to its clients.

AP&D rentals are offered on a month by month basis with a minimum term of 12 months.

AP&D rentals include service, the supply of music on hold radio plus the flexibility to upgrade or down size your system at any time during the rental period.

Why Rent or lease?

Typically the benefits of a lease or rent are that it preserves your capital rather than paying cash. Protects your credit lines and has tax benefits, rental is an off the balance sheet entry and your accountant may provide more detailed information on which is the most tax efficient for your particular business.

A AP&D rental allows you the options to return the system at the end of the rental period or offer to purchase it for the then “Fair Market Value” Note this value may change depending on rental agreement term and market values at the then time.

A AP&D rental allows you the flexibility to keep abreast of the latest and emerging technologies. Up or downgrade your rental system to suit your changing needs. A AP&D rental is an off the balance sheet entry and tax deductible.

How to get started

You can submit a request to lease or rent a telephone system from AP&D by simply completing the “Request for Quote” form stating your preference of rent or lease (Lease only available on new equipment) or call us direct.