LG Ericsson iPECS-LIK50B MFIM50B Gateway Module


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LG Ericsson iPECS-LIK50B MFIM50B Gateway Module

LG Ericsson iPECS-LIK50B MFIM50B Gateway Module

Manufacturer Code: iPECS-LIK50B MFIM50B
LG Ericsson iPECS-LIK50B MFIM50B Gateway Module
Ericsson-LG iPECS-LIK is the core platform of Unified Communications which enhances business productivity with various collaboration tools. iPECS-LIK as a platform together with iPECS UCS as an application simplifies your business communications and improves productivity by linking voice and other communications aware applications under a single intuitive user interface.
iPECS-LIK50 and iPECS-MICRO systems are LG-Nortel’s internet Protocol (iP) Enterprise Communications Solutions designed to meet the telecommunication needs of the small sized business. They use advanced packet voice and IP switching technology, which are combined with a rich feature content, to set a new standard in Voice over IP (VoIP) systemsThe LIK-MFIM50B integrates VOIP (H323/SIP), miscellaneous functions, VSF, USB, FXS, and ISDN-BRI ports in a modules, which connect ISDN, or public and private VoIP networks.
  • MFIM50B provides four (4) ISDN Basic Rate Interface ports (2B+D) which support the ‘T’ interface as described by ETSI 300.012 based on the ITU-T Recommendations I.430, and two (2) FXS interfaces which allow standard analog Single Line Telephone (SLT) devices access to BRI Lines, other stations, and most features of the system through the use of “dial codes”.
  • ISDN-BRI interfaces can be installed in the TE (Terminal Equipment) mode
  • FXS interfaces provide 48 volt DC feed circuit, pulse, DTMF dial signal detection, and T.38  protocol for Fax over IP… A ring generator and message wait source are integrated. FXS allows
  • Single Line Telephones to be connected up to 4 Kilometers (13,000 feet) from the gateway using 24 AWG wire
  • One (1) “LAN” RJ-45 Female LAN connector with Speed and
  • Link/Activity LEDs,
  • One (1) DB-9 RS-232 connector and one (1) USB host port,
  • RCA jack for one music (audio) source -BGM-.
  • Eight (8) RJ-45 female connectors; for 4 BRI ports, 2 FXS
  • ports, BGM/MOH and External Page outputs, Control Relay
  • input and Alarm Input,
  • Ground Lug,
  • Power jack for the AC/DC adapter

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