LG-Ericsson GDC-600B Base Station


LG-Ericsson GDC-600B Base Station

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LG-Ericsson GDC-600B Base Station

The GDC-600B Base station employs DECT technology to provide an RF link to any standard DECT GAP handset such as the GDC-400H. The Base Station connects to a WTIB4/8 for access to features and resources of iPECS with an RJ-11 4-wire connector on the left-side of the unit. In addition to providing the path for signaling and audio between the Base Station and the WTIB4/8, this connection provides power to the GDC-600B

Features and Notes:

  • The GDC-600B Base Station can process up to six simultaneous calls, but because all users are not usually simultaneously on calls, a Base Station can support a greater number of wireless terminal users in practice.
  • 75m Coverage Radius
  • In practice, the cell outdoor radius in free space may up to 400m
  • The Base Station should be installed indoors and protected from surge because it is designed for indoor station.

Compatibility: LG-Ericsson GDC-400H Handsets

LG-Ericsson GDC-600B Base Station

Condition: Refurbished

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