Arffordable Applied VoIP services

Take advantage of SIP Trunks to connect your Affordable supplied Toshiba IP PBX to the world and save money.
Unlike most other service providers, Applied VoIPoffers you:

  • NO Set-up fee
  • NO Line Rental fee

And there are NO Contracts! Applied VoIP simply charge a monthly fee for the service type you select irrespective of the number of lines you connect.
Applied VoIP’s’ SIP Trunking provides:

  • Outbound calling to anywhere local, mobile or international.
  • Inbound calling with local Australian phone numbers.
  • 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers available on request.

An example of Applied VOIP Service

If you purchase the Business 1 DID at the monthly fee of $15.00 + GST you will receive a single number SIP trunk service that allows both way dialling. The number of “lines” or concurrent conversations is limited only by the size of your Toshiba Business phone System and the SIP trunks that have been enabled on it.
Please note: THE MONTHLY ACCOUNT FEE OF $15.00 + GST REMAINS THE SAME IRRESPECTIVE OF THE NUMBER OF SIP TRUNKS YOU HAVE ACTIVATED ON YOUR TOSHIBA SYSTEM. You only pay for the calls that you make not expensive bundle packages.
It would be the same for Business 10 DID, except that you receive 10 DID numbers, and Business 50 DID with 50 numbers etc.
For the first time since telephony was introduced to the Australian public, users have the opportunity to circumvent the expensive penalty of line rental.

What are SIP Trunks?

In traditional telephony, current service providers connect analogue (PSTN) lines over a physical wire and ISDN (digital) channels through network termination equipment adaptors. Either way, they are both physical cables.
SIP trunks allow companies to replace these physical cables with telephone service over a data network i.e. ADSL2+ or SHDSL.

A SIP trunk provides much more value to companies than traditional telephony such as all the advanced features of ISDN including CLI, and Intelligent External Call Forwarding, at a fraction of the cost.
There’s no limit to the number of concurrent voice conversations that can be carried over a SIP trunk (other than the available bandwidth on the DSL service) whereas the traditional calls are limited to the number of lines available.

Why Install a VOIP SIP Trunk Service?

The current traditional telephony providers and most SIP trunk suppliers charge a fee per line. To deploy a truly business grade SIP trunk service you will need three things; a secure and stable SIP trunk Supplier, a business grade ADSL2+ or SHDSL service and a SIP capable Business phone System.
Affordable & Applied VOIP are the authorised partner of Toshiba Business phones and connect services to the Toshiba CIX range of Business phone Products. All systems, from the CIX40 to the CIX1200 are fully SIP engineered. Applied VOIP and Toshiba work together to ensure that the change to SIP trunks is problem free and seamless.

Contact us for more details on SIP trunking and VoIP.

No long term contracts, just on a month by month basis, quit with 30 days written notice.

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