Green 8 Gold for iPhone/Smart Phone Protection  $49.95

Green 8 Smart Phone Harmoniser – Now for iPhone 5 as well!
The danger of cell phones is well documented. Finally, the press have been reporting on this invisible poison but now there’s something easy you can do.

To be pro-active and help protect yourself and your family from this onslaught of wireless technology, the Green 8 Gold Smart Phone & Mobile Phone Harmoniser is the perfect solution.

The Green 8 Gold Smart Phone & Mobile Phone Harmoniser was optimised for new mobile telecommunications technology 3/4G (UMTS +LTE), and adapted for the powerful new smart phones (eg: iPhoneTM). Green 8 Gold neutralises electromagnetic radiation and allows for stress-free phone use, without discomfort such as fatigue, burning ears, headaches, stress, tension and sleep disorders.

Simply remove the protective paper and affix Green 8 Gold in the battery compartment of your mobile phone or on the back of your smart phone.

Green 8 Gold also provides reliable protection for DECT cordless phones simply by attaching the foil to the handset and the back of the base station.

New wireless technologies such as 3G and 4G networks and even the new high speed WiFi are more disruptive to your cellular metabolism because there is more data being carried on the signal. It’s actually the data pattern that is carried by the microwave that disrupts cellular function; so more data means more disruption. Mobile phones are now emitting an even more disruptive radiation than ever. Simply put, there is more data being compressed into this radiation than ever before and it is literally this data – the actual information pattern itself – which is disruptive to both your cellular communication and cellular transport mechanisms.

What does this mean?
Cellular communication is the way the cells in your body actually talk to each other in order to function together as a whole living organism. Cellular transport is the way the nutrients are carried into your cells and toxins carried out. Dr George Carlo first explained this to me in such simple terms like this and it really makes sense..

There are two parts of the transmission from a mobile phone:

1. The Microwave Signal – this is the carrier wave or high frequency wave and this carries the signal.

2. The Information Pattern – this is your voice pattern or for text or multimedia a more complex pattern.

Nothing would happen without the Microwave Signal and it is these signals that are so deeply penetrating and absorbed readily by your tissues. However, once absorbed by the body it is actually the Information Pattern which causes the disruption to both cellular communication and cellular transport mechanisms. Unfortunately 3G & 4G = More Information More information (data) packed into the signal means more disruption.

This is the unfortunate result of compressing more data into a microwave signal – it causes more disruption to our normal cellular processes. This is why we now have a new, more powerful Green 8 product to protect against the new 3G and 4G technology. It’s called Green 8 Gold.

The first time I used a 3G phone was a few summers ago summer. I mean I had picked up friends iPhones before and they immediately gave me a headache so I never used them, but now it was time to upgrade my phone so I tried one out (knowing my Green 8 Gold prototypes were coming in a few days). I literally couldn’t touch it without getting a pain in my head. It was the same as when I had touched an iPhone but this time it was my phone which is scary.

I’m especially electrosensitive on an empty stomach but this new phone (droid) had a really heavy feeling. I never used it without a headset but still could feel it in my head just if I touched it or sent a text message on it.

When I installed the Green 8 Gold it was an immediate lightness that changed the energy of the phone.

I had tried the regular Green 8’s and they had helped some but the Green 8 Gold made a huge difference. Since then I’ve found the phone very neutral to work with. Green 8 Gold lasts for 2 years in a 3G/4G smartphone after which it must be replaced. When you use a cell phone your head is absorbing microwave radiation. There is no denying this fact.

What can you do? 
Should you throw out your cell phone and give up? No..

Green 8 Gold to the rescue. Our fast paced world demands the use of mobile phones and with Australia, the largest user per capita of mobile phones in the world, Green 8 Gold is a solid option for sensitive users. The Green 8 Gold uses no power and will not effect the warranty of your mobile device. You can also use the Green 8 Small or Green 8 Medium for your iPad or tablet device. (including iPad 3G).

Here’s some of the things that the Green 8 will do for you and why you should order some today:
– Decreases cell phone signal interference
– You will hear your calls better with less noise.
– Your phone will produce less heat less “Hot Ear” on long calls and your battery will last slightly longer.
– Decreases chaotic energy emitted From cell phone.
– If you experience headaches while talking on your phone they will decrease or go away.
– Phone will emit cleaner, harmonic energy If you experience fatigue it may be related to EMF, many people report relief.
– Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

You can rest assured that you are doing what you can to help your friends and family right away. Don’t go without it.

Green 8 Gold Smart Phone Harmoniser Testimony:

“My name is Karen . I purchased 4 Green 8’s for my Mobile phones to reduce the effects of the radiation in the phones. Both me and my boys have put them in their mobile phones. I gave one to a friend and myself. I Noticed a big difference …where I used to feel scattered in my head… I don’t feel that anymore. The phones don’t heat up like they used to. I just feel it’s a major difference in using my mobile phone – and for my children too. And for my peace of mind, I feel like it’s another safety measure to protect me and my children.”

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