TOSHIBA Phone Systems

Whether you’re expanding or just getting started, communication is essential for keeping your customers and employees connected. No matter the size of your company, you need all the edge you can get when it comes to communications tools.

Combining 40 years of telecommunications experience, a large and dynamic research and development facility and its traditional commitment to reliability, Toshiba offers state of the art digital, VoIP, IP and converged telecommunications platforms. By streamlining your operation, these systems empower your business to achieve greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

Toshiba’s commitment to be at the forefront of Telecommunications and IP Telephony Solutions has seen the emergence of state of the art digital and IP Solutions. Toshiba have used the knowledge gained from decades of experience in both Telecommunications and IT to create a seamless converged PBX and VoIP solution, making it possible to use your private IP and Internet connection for both voice and data communications.

AP&D have a strong relationship with Toshiba and we are fully trained to install and support the full range of Toshiba phone systems and accessories for the CIX range of equipment.

Toshiba CIX communication systems are the ultimate in modular, scalable and networkable telephone solutions for today’s businesses. Whether small or large, at a single location or a branch of a larger organisation, your business needs a system enabling easy connection with your customers and communication within your company.

The Toshiba -CIX IP system integrates voice, video and data applications over your existing IP network – extending full telephone functionality to local and remote users. Collaboration remains healthy, customers stay happy, and your business grows and prospers.
Utilising latest technologies, Toshiba helps you reduce infrastructure costs, boost productivity and improve customer service while delivering a superior return on your investment.

Toshiba-CIX satisfies your needs today while offering the option to cost-effectively add capabilities as you grow. When your business needs to upgrade or migrate to a newer or larger system, you’ll be able to reuse phones and key components.

Toshiba-CIX supports all kinds of endpoints/devices, including a large range of IP phones, SoftIPT on notebook computers and PDAs, Add-on modules, DSS consoles, Attendant consoles, as well as SIP phones, Analogue phones and Toshiba digital phones. Toshiba-CIX also supports all types of network connections, including IP network and analogue, Public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Digital ISDN interfaces.

Build the communication system you need with the configuration flexibility you want.

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