Panasonic Hybrid IP- Telephone systems.

Panasonic is a premium brand and the Panasonic systems are reliable and easy to use.

Panasonic‘s range of system handsets are user friendly with LCD backlit display screens. They can be adjusted for angle for ease of view. The display screen can provide information on incoming and outgoing calls. Directory dialling from the systems speed &/or personal speed dials. Calling extension details, Call duration, system and voice mail (if fitted) menu options. Plus the usual display of line and extension status with the familiar red and green LED’s. Some digital handsets permit the connection of analogue devices such as cordless phones, answering machines or a fax. Optional headset ports are available for hands free working.

The Panasonic system offers flexibility and reliability based on 20 years as a leading supplier of telephone equipment in Australia. They provided advanced phone and message capability. With the options for DECT cordless handsets, PC integration via USB connection to permit VoIP connectivity.

With a VoIP gateway connected you can make calls via the internet to reduce your call spend and enjoy the mobility of the VoIP telephone numbers whenever you relocate.

The build quality of the Panasonic range of equipment is renowned throughout the industry which ensures your system will give many years of service.

The Panasonic Hybrid system can be programmed to suit user’s requirements for automatic call handling and distribution. With the optional use of the Auto Attendant feature calls can be answered automatically and callers directed to or cued for specific areas, departments or extension users in your business. The Auto Attendant can be expanded to provide Unified Messaging to combine voice mail, email and fax or record calls.

The IP telephony capability of the Panasonic IP system permits the use of IP handsets over your LAN. This means that staff can work from remote offices or at home by connecting IP handsets.

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