Our DOOR PHONE devices are specifically designed for connection to a DOOR STATION (CONTROLLER).

The DOOR PHONE can operate at distances of up to 200 meters from the Controller, providing high quality cabling such as CAT5 is used.

Up to two DOOR PHONE devices can be connected to the one DOOR STATION (CONTROLLER). This allows for a separate DOOR PHONE to be located at two different locations. In this situation, the DOOR PHONE devices are connected in parallel. (see User Guide for further detail).

Your DOOR PHONE is designed for wall or pole mounting at a height of approximately 1.5 meters (5 feet). Visitors should stand within 0.5 meters (20 inches) of the Door Phone for best results.

Our DOOR PHONE are designed to be highly WEATHER RESISTANT and they have proven to be highly reliable over long periods of time, providing it is not exposed to direct rain. The Speaker is made of a plastic Mylar material and great effort has been taken to maximise weather proofing all electronic components. Our DOOR PHONE devices are not FULLY WATERPROOF.

Whenever your DOOR PHONE is not under cover, use of the optional Perspex DOOR PHONE COVER (OPTIONAL) is essential to ensure that water from rain cannot gradually permeate through to the electronics of the Door Phone which can cause unreliable operation and can eventually lead to permanent failure of this device.

The face plate of the Flush Mount Door Phone is made from High Quality Brushed Aluminium, which has been anodised Silver. This material provides exceptional long term durability and is far superior to the 304 Grade Stainless Steel which we have used in the past.

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