Choosing a System

Affordable Phone & Data recommends that when considering a telephone system select one from the major, well known manufacturers. Consider Japanese products renowned for their excellent build quality and reliability. Systems such as Toshiba, NEC & Panasonic systems built for the Australian market place. Systems that work the way we like to use our telephone systems.

Look to a brand that has the longest warranty such as the Toshiba systems with their 5 year warranty. That coupled with Toshiba’s philosophy that all future developments, new features and facilities have to be backward compatible with all previous Toshiba models effectively future proofs your investment. Whilst allowing you to take advantage of emerging technologies as and when they become available without the need for any redundancy of your initial investment.

AP&D offer a full twelve month warranty on all other major brands offered including their range of refurbished telephone systems too.

Select a system that suits your budget, AP&D offer all their range of telephone systems for sale, lease or rent and can tailor a package to suit most budgets.

What telephone system features do you want?

Most systems offer a staggering range of features and facilities. Plus optional extra such as VoIP, SIP, Voicemail, Auto Attendant, call transferring on and off site, soft phones, networking, and the ability to work from home, to name but a few. AP&D are interested in what you want from your telephone system, not trying to sell you something(s) that you don’t need. So tell us what you’re looking for in our quote request form and we’ll do the rest.

AP&D offers a complete one stop shop. We can help with the provisioning of your lines, network services such as Fax, Internet, VoIP, SIP, Mobile phones, GSM routers. Premises cabling for voice and data, data hardware, installation, programming and staff training.

So don’t get the wrong telephonic solution, give us a call today.
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