Call Accounting

It’s time to call your business to account!

Your telephone system is the lifeline of your business. Properly utilised, it can provide valuable insights into the behaviour, productivity and viability of your personnel and customers.

Improperly or inefficiently used, it can cost you money, time and business.

It’s time you made your phone system work as hard as it can – by calling it to account with TIM4biz Call Accounting.

What information can you derive from TIM4biz CallAccounting?

  • Incoming call volume
  • Time taken to answer calls
  • Staff outgoing call volumes
  • Staff answering productivity and efficiency
  • Audit trails
  • Incoming call capacity
  • Abandoned call count
  • Unauthorised/personal calls
  • Early diagnosis of PABX fault, and efficiency errors and misuse
  • Sample of reports at your fingertips!

TIM Technologies Call Accounting saves money by reducing personal calls and call duration, and helps you eliminate unused phones and PABX ports. Automated reporting and off-site hosting eliminates the need
for your IT people to get involved in installation, maintenance, back-ups, fault diagnosis or repair.

Call us to save money and gain valuable information about your staff and customers.

TIM4biz Call Accounting

The fact that it is a hosted service means that you don’t need to devote any hardware, software or personnel to its ongoing functions and maintenance. Once we install the software, all the reports you require are generated automatically by us and emailed to you, or you can generate your own reports easily and quickly.

Any business with 10 or more extensions, that requires cost recovery or on-billing, or is interested in gleaning a goldmine of information around its workforce and its customers can benefit from TIM4biz hosted Call Accounting.

The whole system runs automatically off-site, so you don’t need to assign staff to hardware maintenance, back-ups, report generation or any other aspect of operating or managing the process. However you can generate your own reports in addition to those you receive automatically at any time.

We provide a wide range of reports including call types, call traffic, abandoned calls, branch traffic and more on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, for single and multiple users. The information can be delivered in a variety of graphic formats, including comparisons, historical trends and summaries.